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Beauty Therapy Success Stories: Isla

Isla - Beauty Therapy

Why did you do a beauty course with The Training Room?

I was working as a waitress and just had got back from travelling but wanted a change of career - I’ve always wanted to work in a spa.

I chose The Training Room as I wanted to get qualified as a beauty therapist in the quickest way possible, so I could start working in the industry sooner rather than later. I also didn’t want to take a step back and go to college or university and spend 2 or 3 years studying when I could get fully qualified in a matter of months.

What did you enjoy most about the course?

I really enjoyed the fact that we had 3 tutors, this gave us a great variety of teaching styles.

I loved the massage part of the course too as I knew I would, but I was surprised that I enjoyed all the other elements of the course as much as I did, it was all really enjoyable!

How did you find fitting the course around your personal life and commitments?

I found it okay as I was working part-time, there is a lot to learn in such a short space of time and a reasonable amount of work to do at home, but as I was working part-time it wasn’t too bad to fit around my work commitments.

What were you doing before the course?

I was working full-time as a waitress and then went travelling to Australia and New Zealand.

What are you doing now you've finished the course?

I am working at Macdonald Hotel as a Spa Therapist! I have only been working there a week, but I have already been performing a wide range of treatments on clients including massage, manicures, pedicures and facials. I have really enjoyed performing a diverse selection of treatments even though I thought I would only enjoy the massage part of being a spa therapist - it’s great doing a variety of treatments as it makes every day different.

It’s fantastic working in a spa, everyone is so lovely from my colleagues to my clients: it’s a great place to work

Did you face any challenges during your time on the course?

Initially it was difficult adapting back to a learning environment as it was such a long time since I was last in a classroom. I was nervous at first, but the tutors and my classmates were so nice and helpful they soon settled my nerves.

How did you find the career support?

I found the career support really helpful in finding my job! Before I had even finished on my course my career support officer had got in contact with me to find out what roles I would be interested in and where I wanted to work in. My career support officer was also really helpful with my CV and helped me tidy it up ready to interview.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of becoming a beauty therapist?

Open yourself to learning everything, don’t restrict yourself, you never know what you might enjoy. I went into the course thinking I would only like the massage and wellbeing side and thought that I would be focusing mostly on that, but I ended up enjoying everything from Shellacs to body scrubs.