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Beauty Therapy Success Stories: Donna

Donna - Beauty Therapy

What inspired you to start your beauty course with The Training Room?

I’ve always loved everything beauty related, but as I was very academic throughout school I was encouraged to pursue university and directed away from a vocational career.

My passion for beauty and the industry has always stayed with me, so when I spoke to one of The Training Room’s Academy Assessors I soon knew that The Training Room was the best route for me to become a beauty therapist!

I’ve been looking for a quick and thorough route into the industry. Knowing that I could get qualified in just 12-weeks and start working straight after graduating was really appealing.

What did you enjoy most about the course?

I was lucky enough to find both the practical and theoretical parts of the course really enjoyable. It’s satisfying when you learn the theory behind treatments and then get to practice them as part of the learning; I found the results very rewarding.

Both my tutors were amazing – they are full of knowledge and passion for the industry. No question was ever too much as they were so approachable and friendly. We are still in touch with each other which is so lovely!

How did you find fitting the course around your personal life?

I did the full-time 2-day weekday beauty therapy course. Even when working 30 hours a week in a restaurant, I found it very easy to fit the course around my lifestyle.

What were you doing before the course?

When I left college, I initially went to Winchester University to study Sports and Education Studies. After suffering with some personal issues, I decided it wasn’t the best route for me and left after my first year. I then worked at the NHS as a 111 call handler to tide me over.

I wanted to make more time for my course, so when I registered with The Training Room I decided to start a part time job. I started working in a restaurant and it fit perfectly around my beauty course.

Where has your beauty career taken you?

After graduating, I got a job in India for a couple of months training therapists! I got to work with some fantastic products and it was an incredible experience. Getting to travel with my new career would never have been possible if it wasn’t for The Training Room.

What are you doing now?

I now work at a wonderful spa at Norton Park. I started four months ago and I love working there every day. I even work with other graduates from The Training Room!

It’s great waking up in the morning and thinking “Ah got to get up for work…” and then knowing it’s not a chore as I absolutely love my job! It’s a fantastic feeling waking up happy to go to work.

Being a beauty therapist at a spa and making people feel great on a daily basis is so rewarding. I had one client just a few days ago who was initially very nervous – he had never had a spa treatment before. By the time the treatment had finished, he said it was a life-changing experience and bought lots of products too. I was so pleased to have helped him.

What advice would you give someone who wants to become a beauty professional?

Do it through The Training Room! The tutors are great and the learning is so enjoyable – it never felt like a chore. The speed you can complete it in is also really helpful; I work with other beauty therapists who spent over 2 years getting qualified with the same knowledge and skills I have. I am in no disadvantage compared to them even though the course was only 12-weeks.

The course was a truly life changing experience for me and if it wasn’t for the great attitude of the staff I initially spoke to, I wouldn’t be doing something I love. Thank you!