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Secure your future with a career in IT Security

Security Technologist Course

Whether you’re focussed on technology or risk analysis, you’ll need to obtain relevant certificates that prove your knowledge to prospective employers. You’ll need to develop your theory in concepts that include security, confidentiality and those related to IT infrastructure.

You’ll be applying your understanding of cyber threats, hazards, risks, controls and measures to protect your business systems and the people who use them. As someone who’s responsible for the safety of computer networks and systems, your role will prove vital in any company.

IT - Security Course

What Can I Expect to Do as a Security Technologist?

In your role as a Security Technologist, you’ll maintain the security systems of computer networks through testing and virus protection - crucial for any company! As you’ll oversee the company’s computing security, you’ll need to draw on your communication skills to advise other teams on the necessary precautions to prevent security attacks.

A typical day will see you adding new software to security files, performing security tests and keeping virus protection systems up to date. Want to further your professional development and boost your colleagues’ skills? You may find yourself training others on security procedures and updating them on changes to programming and instances of security violation.

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Call now: 01202 238640

How Will a Security Technologist Course Benefit Me?

A course in Security Technology will enable you to secure employment in this area. As cyber security threats become ever more prevalent, companies are increasingly looking for certified candidates to secure their computing systems and prevent attacks.

Most companies use computers so you’ll find plenty of roles available for a Security Technologist. Many employers look for knowledge in A+ cloud computing, Network+ and Security+. Learn more:

  • Installing and configuring Windows

  • Working with other operating systems

  • Safety and operational procedures

  • Security threats, vulnerabilities and controls
  • An introduction to networks

  • Networking topologies, connectors and wiring standards

  • IP addressing and IP subnetting

  • Wide Area Networks
  • Monitoring and diagnosing networks

  • Protecting wireless networks

  • Host, data and application security

  • Malware, vulnerabilities and threat

What Do I Need to Know About the Security Technologist Course?

  • Take your learning online and progress through your studies in as little as 3 months
  • Get qualified with certificates in CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+
  • You can dip into your course when it suits you, and be on your way to achieving success as a Security Technologist quicker than you’d expect