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Data Analyst Course

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Data Analyst eLearning Course

Data Analysts are the secret heroes behind major, progressive organisations. From digital powerhouses like Facebook, Airbnb and Amazon to global banks and major superstores – the world’s leading companies rely on skilled Data Analysts.

Our certification pathways offer an all encompassing service to give you the digital skills and career opportunities you're looking for.

Professional Data Analyst

What Does It Mean to Be a Data Analyst?

Data analysts gather and scrutinise data using specialist tools to generate information that helps others make decisions. They will respond to questions about data and look for trends, patterns and anomalies within it.

Typical duties include:

  • using specialist tools to extract the data needed
  • responding to data-related queries and keeping track of these
  • analysing data to identify trends
  • setting up processes and systems to make working with data more efficient
  • researching new ways to make use of data
  • producing reports and charts communicating trends within data to non-specialists
  • presenting information generated from data to clients and managers.

Your earning potential is incredible - we’re talking an average starting salary being £24k, with advanced roles anywhere up to £38k.

How Do I Certify as a Data Analyst?

There’s no simple fix for becoming a Data Analyst – you’ll need to put in the work to build up your knowledge. There’s no point spending time and money getting a certificate that’s of no benefit to your career. You’ll need to get a professional certification that’s geared towards your career path – think of qualifications for specific vendors that will boost your career like Microsoft.

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Our Professional Data Analyst Course

The course will provide you with the foundational knowledge of analysing, reporting and working with data. This is intended for candidates who are looking to develop their understanding of data analysis and analytical capabilities. Later modules display increased advancement - from preparing, modelling and visualising data as well as deploying and maintaining deliverables. You will gain the CIW Data Analyst Certification with the option to further your skillset and become a Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate. Your training will include

 Introduction to Data Analysis  

  • Fundamentals of Data Analysis 
  • Introduction to Big Data 
  • Working with Data Sources 
  • Tools for Capturing and Analysing Data 
  • Analysing and Reporting Data 



Statistics for Data Analysis 

  • Statistics Foundations: The Basics 
  • Descriptive Statistics 
  • Inferential Statistics 


SQL For Data Analytics 


  • Understanding and describing data 
  • The Basics of SQL for Analytics 
  • SQL for data preparation 
  • Performant SQL 
  • Aggregate Functions for Data Analysis 
  • Window Functions for Data Analysis 
  • Importing and Exporting data 
  • Analytics using Complex Data Types 
  • Using SQL to Uncover the Truth – a Case Study 


Power BI 


  • Performing Data Cleaning, Profiling and Shaping 
  • Visualizing data with Power BI 
  • Enhancing Data Analysis 
  • Modelling data with calculations 
  • Creating Interactive Visualizations 
  • Using Advanced Analysis Techniques 
  • Enhancing Reports and Dashboards 
  • Extending Power BI beyond the Desktop 


Regression Analysis For Python 


  • Regression- The Workhorse of Data Science 
  • Approaching Simple Linear Regression 
  • Multiple Regression in Action 
  • Logistic Regression 
  • Data Preparation 
  • Achieving Generalization 
  • Online and batch learning 
  • Advanced Regression Methods 
  • Real world applications for Regression Models 


What Do I Need to Know About the Data Analyst Course?

Get started in your new career as a Data Analyst in as little as 3 months and find flexibility with online learning. Learn at your own pace, with access to full tutor support throughout your course.

Graduate with knowledge CIW Data Analyst Certification with the option to further your skillset and become a Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate.

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