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Education and Teaching

Working in the education and training sector is extremely fulfilling. You’re supporting people on a daily basis, and have the joy of seeing the direct impact you’re having on people’s lives.

Within Education and Training, you’ll be preserving the integrity of places of learning, and will be maintaining the wellbeing of people within the education and training sector.

You’ll work with different types of people and will form professional relationships with co-workers, students and the academic community. So, you’re comfortable working with others, with a strong sense of individualism; sounds like a career in the Education and Training sector is ideally suited to you!

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Thinking about a career in Education and Teaching?

There are many different types of roles available within the Education and Training sector. To progress your career, you can undertake training to achieve a specific path.

Without a degree, the quickest way to get a foot in the door in Education and Training roles is to undertake specific training. Increase your career opportunities by focussing on these key skills:

  • Adaptable – education and training is always changing, so the more adaptable you are, the better
  • Clear communicator – you’ll be communicating with people of different ages and abilities, being clearly articulate is a huge bonus
  • Organised – you’ll need to manage multiple tasks to facilitate effective learning, so managing your time properly will really help
  • Dynamic – looking at new ways to teach and implement fresh ideas will make you stand out

There is a steady demand for educators so the more knowledge and experience you build, the better situated you’ll be in your career. A career in the education sector gives you the opportunity to influence students and develop new professional skills that can take your career to the next level.

Whether you’re looking to become a Teaching Assistant, Classroom Assistant or a Learning Support Assistant, our courses are aimed at enabling you to achieve a career in the Education and Training sector.

Take a look at our course options for more information.


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Whether it’s your parents, guardians, your employer, a sponsor or even yourself, find out why you should choose The Training Room for your Education and Teaching training courses today. 

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