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Digital Marketing

You’re a creative thinker – you’ll look at a social campaign and be brimming with ideas on how to take it to the next level. When it comes to digital marketing, you’re ready for the career that’s going places, but you’re being held back.

You might be new to digital marketing and don’t have the practical experience. You may even be working in the industry already but need to brush up on your AdWords knowledge and fine tune your Photoshop skills. You might be somewhere in between. 

What Does a Career in Digital Marketing Look Like?

A career in digital marketing is not only an enjoyable one, but it’s also a growing industry that’s seeing a huge amount of job opportunities. There’s been a significant shift from traditional marketing (like PR, billboards and newsletters) towards the digital scape. This shift has seen a skills shortage that needs filling. 

As a Digital Marketer, your skills will be technically sound and your creative streak will be prevalent. Your day-to-day role will be varied – it’s likely you’ll be responsible for writing content, social media maintenance, then image editing all in one day.


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Tell Me More About Getting Qualified

Being bold and going the extra mile will help you stand out in this industry – so if you’re not experienced in certain areas, you’ll need to sharpen your skills to stand a chance of launching your career.

The Digital Marketing course will allow you to do just that. Get to grips with key areas of digital marketing and have the following certifications when you graduate:

This is a vendor-neutral, entry-level credential that is designed for industries that include IT and Marketing. You’ll be prepared for working effectively in a business environment and be given the foundational knowledge of technologies that affect business. 

This module allows you to identify the key areas involved in creating successful Social Media campaigns on a business scale. You’ll develop your knowledge of crowdsourcing and crowdshaping strategies to allow for key strategy development and strategising. 

The Google AdWords exams will challenge your knowledge of Google AdWords and advertising. You’ll understand the value of online advertising and how to set up an AdWords campaign, including management and optimization. 

This module will allow you to explore a host of skills that include web design, photo editing and how each of Photoshop’s tools can develop your work.