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Make Caring Your Career...

Health and Social Care Diploma 

Forge a career in health and social care and start a role that really matters. Your career is all about helping people – that could be with physical, emotional or social needs – your support could prove to be life-changing.

We all pass through the day subconsciously getting things done – putting away the laundry upstairs, showering in the morning, making a cup of tea. These tasks are mostly part of our everyday life, but they’re also things we take for granted.

Imagine how frustrating it would be not being able to do these small tasks for yourself. Imagine how grateful you’d be if someone helped you – suddenly those tasks don’t seem so small. Being in a position to impact on the people you’re helping as your day job is an incredible result.

What Will I Do as a Health and Social Care Worker?

Health and social care is a broad sector and there are lots of different ways you can make an impact. You may see yourself in a role that covers both health care and social care as the values and qualities needed for these areas are very similar.

You can expect your day to be centred around helping and assisting people to lead an independent and fulfilled life. No two days are the same, and you’ll find it incredibly rewarding having such a positive impact on people’s lives.

There’s no doubt that health and social work is challenging – you’ll need to be resilient, patient and tolerant. At the end of the day you’ll be able to look back and know you’re doing an amazing job.

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How Can I Start a Career in Health and Social Care?

You need a professional qualification to start working in health and social care. Beyond the paperwork, you also need the personal skills to be a success. You’ll be giving practical and emotional support to a wide range of people, so if you’re patient, compassionate and take pleasure in making someone’s day, you’ve got the right skills to get started.

Tell Me More About the Health and Social Care Diploma

On average it takes 3-6 months to complete your diploma. Most students fit studying around all the other things that life throws their way! Take your learning online and progress through the modules when it suits you. When you’ve completed your studies, you’ll qualify with the TQUK Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care (Adults). The units include:

The role of the Health & Social Care worker (2 credits)
Promote Communication in HSC Settings (3 credits)
Support Individuals with Specific Communication Needs (5 credits)
Promote equality and inclusion in HSC settings (2 credits)
Principles of safeguarding and protection in Health & Social Care (3 credits)
Principles for implementing duty of care in HSC settings (1 credit)
Principles of infection prevention and control (3 credits)
Causes & spread of infection (2 credits)
Cleaning, decontamination and waste management (2 credits)
Move & position individuals in accordance with their plan of care (4 credits)
Support use of medication in social care settings (5 credits)
Support positive risk taking for individuals (4 credits)
Engage in personal development in health and social care settings (3 credits)
Promote person centred approaches in H & SC (6 credits)
Promote and implement health and safety in H & SC settings (6 credits)
Promote good practice in handling information in H&SC settings (2 credits)
Support individuals to access and use services and facilities (4 credits)
Support individuals to maintain personal hygiene (2 credits)