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Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Massage Therapy Course

Balancing rehabilitation with fitness, Sports Massage Therapists play a unique role in the industry. You’ll be correcting issues with posture, performance and soft tissue damage – you could literally transform someone’s life with your touch!

What Will I Do as a Sports Massage Therapist?

We all feel those niggly aches and pains now and again. It could be from a bout of over-exercise, poor technique, bad posture, or anything really. If you’re unlucky, you’ll experience them more regularly - they may even stop you doing things you’d normally find easy.

That’s where sports massage therapy comes in – you’re helping people who would otherwise struggle. That might mean you’re helping clients back into the gym, smash that upcoming 10k or just improve their everyday life.

Motivated to work for yourself? How about the security of working in a gym? Sports Massage can take you where you want to be – you’ll have the flexibility to choose how and where you work.

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    How Do I Become a Sports Massage Therapist?

    You need a role specific qualification to work as a Sports Massage Therapist. You’ll have a higher level of training because you need to know about the ins and outs of body structure. After that, you can choose how you work – support regular maintenance, event massage (pre and post treatment for athletes) or rehabilitation. The choice is yours.  

    You might already work in the fitness industry – great! You should be in a stronger position as you’ll have contacts you can call on from the gym or fitness centre you’ve been part of. Not experienced in the fitness world? No problem! With hard work you’ll be able to build up your client base quickly!

    What Do I Need to Know About the Sports Massage Therapy Course?

    Be ready to start work as a Sports Massage Therapist after just 6-weeks! Get hands-on experience and absorb all the theory you’ll need to be a success.

    You’ll qualify with an ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy - the power to change your career is in your hands!