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6 Signs You Should Start a Career in IT

The tech industry has been growing and evolving at a rapid pace worldwide and is a hotbed for fresh graduates and experienced professionals alike.
If you are passionate about technology, a keen problem solver and a creative thinker you would be a perfect fit for the world of IT.
Here are the 6 signs you should start a career in IT

DEVELOPMENT-AND-INNOVATION-02-01.jpgThe number one reason that most people choose to begin a career in IT is the excitement of being at the forefront of research, development, discovery and innovation.
The technology world is advancing faster than any other field and is constantly breaking new ground. As a technology professional, your workplace becomes a place where new ideas and concepts take shape and can even go on to change the world around us! So, if you’re bored of being stuck in the same job with no buzz to get excited about, a career in IT will keep you on your toes!
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PUZZLING-PROBLEMS-02-01.jpgIf you love a good puzzle, a career in IT is the perfect place for you.
Technology isn’t just about developing new ideas, it also involves figuring out how to make those ideas work. So, if you’re the creative thinker who loves to find solutions, technology is a great place for you to focus your skillset!
There are few industries that changes the way our world functions as much as technology. It aims to make everything easier, faster, better and in many cases, automated.
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VARIETY-02-01.jpgStuck in a job that feels overly repetitive? It can be really boring doing the same thing day in, day out, which is why it’s a great idea to consider re-training for a role in IT! Whether you want to be a software developer, network specialist or web developer, your experience in technology can be incredibly vast. The industry itself overlaps into virtually every other industry available – whether that’s healthcare, education, government, law, retail, construction, entertainment, or even catering. So, where ever your passions lay, you can find a way to combine them with your IT career!

ALWAYS-IN-DEMAND-02-01.jpgSince technology is essential to the success of so many different fields, it’s no surprise that tech professionals are in such high demand. As long as there are computer problems to solve, software programs to build and websites to develop, the skills of a technology professional will always be an integral part of any business.

This also means that you’re likely to get paid very well for the work you do! After all, your work can be challenging and often demanding, and you’ll be educated to deal with these issues as they arise for the smooth running of the business, which is why IT is one of the highest paid careers in any organization and industry.

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PROGRESSION-01.jpgHave you been stuck in the same role for some time with no hope for a promotion? With technology always on the rise, so are the careers within it. Brand new job opportunities are being added everyday by companies around the world in many different areas. Regardless of job role, you’ll always be able to study the latest developments within the field and expand your skillset to reflect this.

According to reports, the IT industry is expected to grow another 40% by 2020 so there will be plenty of opportunity to progress within your sector and climb the career ladder.

JOB-SATISFACTION-01-01.jpgLast but by no means least, are you happy at work?

A career in IT means you’ll be able to indulge in your techy passions whilst also getting to help others. No matter which role you choose, you’ll be helping to improve the lives of people either in your organisation, or even customers around the world by delivering a service that helps their business or user experience run smoothly, consistently and quickly. Regardless of who you’re helping, this all supports overall job satisfaction. Research shows that workers are overall happier if they feel their role is making a real difference.

There is also plenty of room to grow and develop within the sector and earn a great salary while you’re at it!  You’ll have the option to work anywhere in the world in various fields of interest because our IT certifications are internationally recognised! If you had dreams of jetting off to warmer climes for work, you’ll be able to do just that! So, grab your passport, laptop and your pina colada and away you go!
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