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Personal Training: Why It's Worth It

You practically live at the gym, you’re passionate about working out, love helping people and have lots of energy – becoming a personal trainer is the perfect career choice for you! But there is a lot more to a career in fitness than just knowing how to use the machines!

So, what’s so great about becoming a personal trainer? First off, if you’re serious about having a career in fitness then you’re not alone. The health and fitness industry is booming – we’re all taking more of an interest in our health and the positive effect fitness has on our wellbeing. This is great news for the nation and anyone looking to enter the fitness industry!

You might already know what’s needed to be successful in the fitness industry, so let’s talk about why you should become part of it…


Like any job, there will be highs and lows in your career in fitness, but it will be  your passion and drive that will get you through the tougher times. You might find that seasonal lulls in work hit you when you need it least, but picking yourself up, showcasing your passion and winning over new clients will keep you going.

You’re clearly ambitious as you’re looking for ways to start the career of your dreams…that same ambition will see your success in the world of health and fitness! Whether you choose to work for a gym or health club, travel the world while working on a cruise ship or become your own boss and go freelance – your ambition will fuel your career potential and when it comes to this career path, the sky’s the limit! Go for it!

Personal-training-selfless-01.pngIf you ask any well-established personal trainer what they love the most about their career, you’ll often hear them say it’s the reward of helping others they enjoy the most. Cast your mind back to that moment when you got past the ‘routine’ phase of your fitness workouts and really fell in-love with it. You probably had an amazing workout and realised that you were actually good at it. You can help your clients have that same feeling!

Personal-training-learning-01.pngA lot of personal trainer’s enjoy the educational side of the job too. Being able to guide someone through their workouts and teach them to correctly (and safely) perform the exercises will ensure they never injure themselves in the future. And they’ll have you to thank for it! As with many careers, you’ll continue to learn and develop your skills as you go – that might be learning from your colleagues, attending training courses or taking further CPD qualifications.

All sounding good? Read more about how to become a personal trainer here.

And, if you decide to bite the bullet and become your own boss, there are lots of ways to boost your personal trainer business to be successful – it can be really worth taking the plunge! Many personal trainer’s decide (either right from graduation or after working in a gym for while) to go freelance, and it’s easy to see why – you’ll be able to set your own working hours, hourly rates and market yourself to the client base you are passionate about training.

You may prefer to train clients for fitness and bodybuilding shows, run high intensity bootcamps, or help to improve a client’s health following injury or illness. Whatever you are passionate about, you can choose exactly where your career goes!

Having a career in health and fitness will quite literally keep you on your toes, but for lots of personal trainers, it’s this fast-paced environment that allows them to really thrive. With the ever-changing popularity of gym classes like Spinning, Yoga, Zumba and Boxercise, you’ll have the chance to complete short qualifications and specialise in these areas to increase your earning potential even further! If you keep your ear to the ground, you’ll be able to make the most of the upcoming trends and jump on the bandwagon while the popularity is really taking off! 

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Why not make the most of the digital wave and launch your business to the world by creating exciting content online. Whether you choose to film training and inspiring videos on YouTube, create visually powerful images for Instagram or share your knowledge and expertise through blogging sites – you’ll be able to reach a much wider audience than ever before with the correct content and platform!

One of the major benefits of a career in fitness is the flexibility - you may already have a good job that you like and you’re not sur­­e you want to fully give it up yet. Luckily with the fitness industry, you won’t have to! Let’s say you work as a personal trainer on a part-time basis for a while - having just 3 clients that you train 3 times a week and charge £50 a session is going to bring you in an additional £600 every 4 weeks – that’s more than enough when it comes to paying your phone bill and even get in a round of drinks at happy hour!
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