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Spotlight: Wedding Make Up

Bridal Makeup
Wedding season is well and truly around the corner. Dresses have been fitted and venues hired but the finishing touches of hair and makeup may yet to be decided. Take some inspiration from the catwalks and combine it with timeless wedding looks for the perfect makeup for your bride.

Luminous, Sun-kissed Skin: 

Many brides will decide to have a session under the sun beds, apply fake tan or, if they’re lucky enough, go on holiday to achieve a sun-kissed glow for their big day. Enhance their skin tone further with some carefully applied bronzer and highlighting in places where light would naturally fall on the face. Go one step further and use a light brown lip liner to apply a scattering of fake freckles across the bridge of the nose and cheeks.

The Rule of Opposites: 

To avoid over dramatic makeup that looks more nightclub than wedding ceremony, take heed of the rule of opposites. Consider the brides desired choice of hairstyle and always coordinate it with the makeup. If a dramatic up do or glamorous waves are the aim, compliment rather than overshadow this with natural skin, toned down lipstick hues and limited eye makeup. If the hair is styled more naturally, a bolder lip or brighter eye shadow can work well without being over powering.

Au Natural:

A huge make up trend this season is the barely there look that definitely fits the brief for brides who want to appear effortlessly beautiful. Always apply a light or tinted moisturiser as a base that will make the skin look smooth and allow makeup to set more easily. Avoid any heavy eye makeup or bold lip colours and opt instead for careful contouring that will accentuate the features of the face. When using highlighters, shaders and blushers, choose peaches and nudes over pinks and bronzes. It is important to add colour to the skin if the bride is dressing in traditional white as it can often wash out the skin.

The Smoky Eye:

Many brides may choose to veer away from smouldering eyes in dark tones that can often look out of place at a wedding. Update the classic smoky eye using lighter hues of grey, brown and lilac instead of black or navy. Eye shadow should be used to accentuate the eyes and things like amount and shade will depend on the bride’s eye shape and colour. Apply lighter tones in the centre of the eyelid to widen the eyes and apply concealer or foundation on the eyelid first to help prevent the eyeshadow from smudging.

Red Lips:

Not as conventional as the nude or pink lip, this season’s popular bold red hue can look stunning on a bride in the right circumstances. Best used for a more glamorous evening ceremony, red lips should be bright rather than dark in shade and look most effective with simple eye makeup and flawless skin. Selecting the exact colour will depend on the bride’s skin tone; a general tip is to opt for more orangey hues for lighter skin tones and richer plum tones for darker.

Wedding makeup doesn’t always have to be understated and with these stunning seasonal inspiration ideas, brides can look both pretty and stylish for their big day. From bold lip colour to flawless skin, anything goes when done in moderation and in collaboration with the bride’s overall look.

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