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The Ultimate Massage Techniques for Repeat Clients


Massage is undoubtedly our favourite treatment, and we're not alone! 90% of spa-goers choose a massage as their treatment – this makes it the most popular option on the list. With the variety of massage techniques available it’s no wonder it remains popular. If you’re looking to maintain a good client-base, from new clients to getting repeat business, massage should remain high on your radar!

Massage is a great stress-reliever and is the ultimate pamper treatment, but it can also be a fantastic form of rehabilitation. Massage covers so many bases and appeals to so many different people. If you’re looking to build your client list these 5 techniques for massage therapy will get you started!

Swedish Massage is the basis for the 5 main techniques you’ll use as a massage therapist across all massages: effeurage (long sweeping strokes), petrissage (kneading), rhythmic (tapping with fists or cupped hands), friction (creating heat to relax the muscles) and vibration (to loosen the muscles).

Deep Tissue Massage delivers deep pressure to specific trouble-areas. The technique consists of your knuckles and elbows applying pressure as far down as the bone to strip out the muscle tissue. You’ll use those Swedish massage techniques here too!

Chair Massage is great for people on the go. Your client remains fully clothed and seated in a specialist massage chair – they face forward so you can massage the neck, shoulders and lower back.

Hot Stone Massage is probably one of the most invigorating massage technique. The heated stones help with balancing the senses, clearing the mind and relaxing the body. You’ll use the warm stones to release tension in the back and shoulders.

Sports Massage uses Swedish, Shiatsu and deep tissue techniques to provide a restorative massage. It’s great for rehabilitation if your client’s been suffering from injury, particularly from sport (as the name suggests!). Use sports massage techniques to aid circulation, prevent and treat injury and prepare your client/athlete for peak performance!

Don’t forget to SMILE! Even if you’ve mastered these massage techniques, if you’re not offering a complete service, it can put clients off from returning. Being open, friendly and making your client feel special is the best and easiest way to have your clients come back for more!
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