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From Chelmsford to Uganda: Supporting Women Through Beauty Therapy

supporting-women-through-beauty-01.pngThe Training Room graduate Natasha has always had a passion for beauty – this motivated her to pursue a qualification in beauty therapy some 2 years ago. After enjoying a successful career with a leading spa, Natasha decided to take her career a step further and work freelance.

During this time, Natasha came across a post on Facebook about volunteering beauty skills for a charity that helps women in developing countries who had been forced into the illegal sex trade and were now left with nothing.

The charity, Born to Be Beautiful, teaches beauty therapy skills to those caught in the trap of poverty, caused by sickness, war, human trafficking or prostitution. With training schools already established in India and Africa, their goal is to provide women with the skills to run their own beauty salons in a self-sustainable way. Volunteers offer their skills and experience from the beauty industry to educate and support women who have been excluded from education because of their race, gender, birth place, class, family or health. The women can go on to run their own salons or seek honest employment.

We spoke to Natasha ahead of her trip to Uganda in September:
“I had just left my job as I had decided to start working for myself. I had a bit of a break and just happened to be on Facebook and saw a post from my former colleague Sarah about people being free in September to help with a project in Uganda. I couldn’t believe how perfect the timing was.

teaching-credit-born-to-be-beautiful-01.jpgI met Sarah, who started the charity back in 2011, when we worked together at Weavers’ House Spa. She started her work originally in India for women who had been forced into the illegal sex trade and had nothing. To support themselves, the women had made things to sell, but this didn’t bring in enough income. To earn enough money to continue to support themselves, Sarah trained these women to deliver manicures and pedicures – and it was sustainable.

I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to study and qualify doing something I love. Now I’m able to pass the skills I’ve learnt onto women in developing countries – it feels amazing.

manicure-prep-credit-born-to-be-beautiful-01.jpgAt the end of the August, for 2 weeks, I’m going to be working with Born to Be Beautiful – I don’t know what to expect but I’m so excited to be helping people who’ve had such a difficult time. I think I’m going to be completely out of my comfort zone, but now I’ve had all my jabs it’s becoming real!

I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and that the universe gives us what we need at exactly the right time ... I am so thrilled that I can volunteer my time and skills to such a beautiful cause, but I need a little helping hand to get me there! Whilst I am donating my time, knowledge and training, I do need to cover the cost of my flights and accommodation, so for my 30th birthday, I have asked my friends and supporters, and indeed anyone who wants to help, to help me raise £1,500 towards these costs. If you’re able to help me, take a look at my fundraising page here:

manicure-credit-born-to-be-beautiful-01.jpgBorn to be Beautiful is a charity which was founded in 2011. The charity provides beauty therapy training and skills to victims of abject poverty and modern-day slavery, restoring dignity and hope to lives devastated by exploitation. 
The people they teach have no access to education unless someone steps in and reaches out a hand to help them. They work with local partner charities and teach students so they have professional training and lifelong skills they can build upon. They help all students get work or set up their own businesses. This way women who previously only had begging to count on now have a career they can be proud of and earn their way out of poverty with dignity and grace.
The Training Room are proud to see our graduates, particularly Natasha, go on to support others with their skills and training experience. If you’d like to learn more about the incredible work Born to Be Beautiful are doing, please visit their website:

Born to Be Beautiful

The Training Room | 02/08/2018 09:00:00

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